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ITA TEAM is an Italian company founded in Dubai with the scope of providing excellent service to its clients. The company aims to set new standards in the cleaning industry, striving to give a better meaning to the word ‘QUALITY’. We endeavor to provide outstanding cleaning services to satisfy the constant challenging needs of our customers.


We aim to meet the growing demand of the cleaning industry in the U.A.E by using the latest technology and products to fulfill our clients’ requirements.


We are committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction by providing the best service available in the market.


Our experienced and professionally trained staff aspires to deliver high-quality cleaning services


Our professional methods and structure are conceived to cater to our clients' customized needs and to meet their budget requirements.


ITA TEAM’s ability to provide consistent high-quality services at a competitive price is made possible by implementing job supervision at all levels of management and distinguishing ourselves from the traditional form of cleaning management.


Residential Cleaning

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Other Area, Cleaning of all furnishings-appliances-equipment, dusting of furniture, sweeping & mopping of floors, changing of linen, laundry – on site washing & ironing, removal of thrash.

Commercial Cleaning

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundry Services, General Cleaning-vacuuming-disinfection of all the furnishings, cleaning of windows, doors, sweeping & mopping of floors.

Ozone Disinfections

The presence of infective agents under certain circumstances requires specific and effective preventive methods, protection and elimination of pests. Our Ozone based sanitization treatment effectively kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

Pest Control

Pests represent a threat to every business and for certain commercial activities (restaurants, hotels, bakeries, etc.) may pose a real risk. Our service includes a specific intervention aimed at the elimination of all pests and prevention of future ingestations. We use poison-free chemicals or ecological treatments utilizing Ozone Machine.


We have qualified caregivers. All our babysitters are rich in child care experience. We screen our babysitters through a recruitment process which allows us to select the best of the lot.


Our low-environmental impact product are specially formulated to ensure the maximum respect for the environment and for the users. They are highly biodegradable, they respect VOC regulations and they do not contain solvents that pollute the ozone.


ITA TEAM staff of professionals is trained to identify the right treatment for any type of surfaces and materials such as steel, ceramic, marble, wood, etc. In addition, thanks to the high quality products and services, ITA TEAM can guarantee the best results for its clients.


ITA TEAM is a friendly and competent organisation.
We aim to answer your question in the fastest time possible.
Our help center is designed to answer the most common question.
If you have any comments or suggestions we welcome you to contact us directly.

+971 4 335 8111

+971 52 688 6425

+971 55 995 4774